How To Maintain Blonde Hair, Effortlessly!

Who knew that Barbie’s iconic blonde hair came with a long list of dos and don’ts? Maintaining blonde hair is a real challenge, and even harder when it’s not your natural hair colour.

When it comes to blonde hair maintenance, many factors are at play. There’s sun exposure, humidity, and the products you use. Oh, and don’t get us started on root growth – it’s another blonde dilemma. Rest easy, though; you can keep your blonde bright, golden, and healthy at home. Below, we have some tried and tested hair hacks to keep your blonde tresses healthy and shiny without visiting the salon.

blonde hair

Tip #1: Wash your blonde hair less often

Basically, washing your hair causes the colour to fade faster, so tone down on the shampooing. It keeps your natural hair oils intact, so your locks stay nourished and healthy. But on days that you wash your hair, it is best to finish it with a cold rinse. That way, your locks stay bright and silky!

Tip #2: Purple shampoo will take you places

Remember the colour theory from your art classes? Purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour wheel. So when your hair absorbs the purple pigments in your purple shampoo, this cancels out the dull yellow tone. Switch up your regular blonde shampoo to a purple shampoo at least once a week to boost the colour. However, purple shampoos cannot clean your tresses, so follow up with a cleansing shampoo to remove dirt and oil.

If you can’t find the right purple shampoo for you, you can always look through our assortment of best-selling purple shampoos. Each line has been curated for its premium ingredients and easy use.

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Tip #3: Double-check the ingredients on your hair products

While it’s good to have a thorough hair care routine, you have to be mindful of which products you use. Chances are, they can damage your locks and fade the colour. A particular ingredient you should watch out for is sulphates, such as SLS and SLES. These can strip away moisture and dull your colour, too.

Tip #4: Less heat styling, please!

For your blonde tresses to stay vibrant for longer, it is time to back away from heat styling. Skipping the blow-drying, straightening, and curling will really benefit your mane. Your hair cuticles had to go through a lot before getting the perfect blonde shade (a.k.a. bleaching and lifting your colour). Those procedures strip off your hair cuticles, so they can no longer hold moisture the way they could before. Using too much heat on your hair, on top of chemical treatments, might cause severe damage and dull its shine.

Instead, why don’t you go for a cute bun or a braid? There are a lot of cute hairstyles you can wear, so have fun and experiment.

Tip #5: Protect it from the sun

Okay, we know how amazing it looks when the sun hits your hair, but no, thank you! The harmful UV rays can dry out your locks and transform them into a brassy orange shade. To protect your hair, always bring a hat when going out – plus points if they’re cute and match your outfit! It also helps to use UV and heat protectant hair sprays to top up the sun defence.