10 Makeup Mistakes That Are Ageing You

Could you be making a makeup mistake that is ageing you? You may have taken years to perfect a routine that works for you and your lifestyle, but here’s the bad news. Our skin changes with time and so should the accompanying makeup.

Today, we take you through some common makeup mistakes that are ageing you and what to do instead. Read on to find out how you too can look your “youngest best” by merely tweaking your current makeup routine.

Makeup Mistake 1 – Not paying enough attention to your brows

When it comes to makeup mistakes, you may not think of brows first! Thin eyebrows may have been all the rage when you were younger, but heavier brows can actually frame your face and make you look younger. If you haven’t embraced eyebrow embroidery yet, invest in a solid eyebrow makeup routine instead. For newbies, an eyebrow pencil is the best way to initiate working on those brows. As you get better at it, you can buy filler powders and even mascaras to get eyebrows that truly wow. Be careful about not going too intense either. Over-crafted eyebrows can make you look older too – so find that balance in between, and enjoy it!

Mistake 2 – Using too much and cake-y foundation

Here’s the harsh truth – young skin is dewy and soft and cakey foundation on it, is one of the most common makeup mistakes people make. When you put too much foundation that starts forming layers on your skin(in spite of how much coverage it gives), you look older. Try and find a shade of foundation that has a slightly dewy finish to it and can give your skin a lighter undertone. Also, stick to your ‘day’ makeup with only a light layer of this foundation, or mix it up with your favourite moisturiser to create your very own CC cream!

Makeup Mistake 3 – Using too much or the wrong eyeliner

The first absolute no for ageing skin is wearing eyeliner, only over your eyes – why would you want to draw attention to your eye bags, wrinkles and cast a shadow over your under eyes?

Now that we’ve got that makeup mistake out of the way, also consider moving from your trusted liquid eyeliner to softer creamy pencil. The softness can help enlarge the eyes more than the liquid version. Also, experiment with colours other than black. Brown or maple colours can help lift your eyes and make them look younger. Want that fresh-eyed look? Try a neutral or light eye pencil in your water line to really open up those peepers!

Mistake 4 – You are not blush-ing the right way

When it comes to blush, there are two wrong camps – the overdone and the underdone. Applying too much blush can make you look harsh and older while applying too little can make your skin look dull and boring. Find that happy medium preferably with a cream blush, as your skin needs all the moisture and glistening it can get as you are ageing.

Want a non-surgical face lift? There’s nothing that says gorgeous like a peachy blush highlighted at the top of your cheeks. Get the placement right and you’ll find yourself instantly lifted!

Makeup Mistake 5 – Going dark and harsh on your lips

We love making a bold statement with bright or darker toned lips, but as we age these colours can begin to make one look older. Embrace more neutral shades to bring out fuller lips that add back youth to your face.

It doesn’t mean having to give up on darker shades altogether. Try and choose creamier consistencies that don’t dry out your lips. Topping off a matte shade with lipgloss is another technique to make you look stunning without looking older!

Mistake 6 – Using glittery eyeshadow

Eyeshadow may have been glam in our 20s but as we grow older, it tends to sink and settle into creases – highlighting wrinkles and folds in the eyelids. Glittery eyeshadow is the worst of all! It will settle into crease lines and further age your look. For a more flattering option, stick with a matte shadow and use the shimmery bits only on the inner corners of your eyes.

mineral makeup application

Makeup Mistake 7 – Finishing with powder

We get it – powder cuts shine and gives that fully finished look. But when it comes to powdered foundation, it can also take away that youthful glow from your skin. If it is crucial for you to use powder, just stick with areas that are affected less, such as your nose and chin. A better solution? Find blotting paper at your favourite Japanese store and dab as you go about your way!

Mistake 8 – Lining the bottom of your eyes

As mentioned above, applying eyeliner to the bottom of your eyes may make you feel complete but it actually makes your eyes look smaller. Applying eyeliner on top opens them up! As you grow older, steer clear of dark colours or harsh lines. Instead, opt for softer browns and greys that can be blended to draw out your eye shape.

Makeup Mistake 9 – Ditching mascara

Hate removing mascara after a night out, and hence you ditch it altogether? In fact, of all the makeup you skip, mascara should remain a must-do. Mascara can help make your eyes look more open and awake. It is also a nice contrast to a makeup-less face. If you hate pigment, just go with transparent mascara instead!

Mistake 10 – You aren’t investing enough in skincare

Not buying the right skincare for your age is one of the gravest makeup mistakes you can make. When we are younger, our skin sort of takes care of itself. Which means you can get away with store-bought sunscreen, moisturiser and off-the-shelf cleansers. As you get older, no matter the makeup you put on, your skin will reflect its age. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on makeup, drive that money towards skincare instead. Once you find the right formulas to exfoliate, plump and moisturise your skin, you’ll find working with makeup far easier – and more forgiving!