An Easy Winter Skincare Routine For Men

Do you really need a winter skincare routine for men? When the cold winds start coming in, you need more than a thick padded jacket and trusted heating. Think about all the changes that your body is going through including your skin!

Hopefully, you have an effective skincare routine for men, down pat(and if not, it’s time to start now- seriously!). Come winter, even the most trialled skin formulas may start to fail you. You’ll notice that your skin may feel dry, itchy, rough, and flaky. Sometimes your skin will announce the weather even before you know it!

If you are a man who doesn’t want to deal with painful tightness, cracking, and peeling throughout winter, now is the time to get on a solid winter skincare routine for men. Of course, we have just the perfect guide to help you get started. Read ahead, take notes, and get the best skin ever, even when it’s freezing outside.

How does your skin change during winter?

Why the need for a separate winter skincare routine for men? As the temperatures and humidity get lower, your skin retains less moisture and will need more hydration to prevent dryness, itchiness, and redness. Another factor that could exacerbate these skin issues is the extreme indoor heat. These can break down your natural skin barrier, strip natural oils, and expose your skin to sensitivity. Men are particularly more prone to acne, flakiness, and irritation during this time. This is because men have thicker skin and larger pores, and produce more sebum than women. Lifestyle habits also play a role here. For example, shaving during the cold months can strip your skin of natural humectants and dry it out. 

So what you should look for in your winter skin care products is pretty straightforward – anything that hydrates the skin.

The Best Winter Skincare Routine for Men

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Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing is the first and most vital part of any skincare routine. It removes any dirt, oil, and bacteria that may get into your pores and clog them. (Hello, acne and blackheads!) Removing all the debris allows your skin to absorb all the products you will use later. Opt for deep cleansers that have hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid during the winter. This way, you can get rid of all the dirt without stripping any natural oils. 

Step 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliating during the winter may sound like a fat stretch, but your skin needs it now more than ever. Dead skin cells and built-up pollutants on your pores lead to dull skin and worsen the irritation. Exfoliating two to three times a week using a gentle exfoliant works wonders, trust us!

Step 3: Moisturise and hydrate for better skin this winter

Remember: winter skincare is all about hydration. Opt for thick formulas without synthetic fragrances that can dry out your skin even more. You can also use sheet masks for optimal hydration. Just make sure to apply your moisturiser in the morning and at night. Borrow your partner’s night masks for that extra kick of hydration in your winter skincare routine for men!

Step 4: Sunscreen

Whether winter or summer, SPF is non-debatable in skincare because UV rays are everywhere. It is highly beneficial, especially if you want your skin to stay smooth and youthful. Choose a moisturising sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher, and apply it liberally to protect your skin.

Bonus step: Beard oils

If you like to grow your beard during the winter, use beard oil to keep it healthy and soft. Choose one with hydrating ingredients such as jojoba, olive, coconut, sunflower, and argan oil. These will hydrate both the beard and the skin beneath it.

Invest in a Winter skincare routine for men

When it comes to a solid winter skincare routine for men, think of it the same way you would your clothing. You wouldn’t be wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the cold months! Similarly, investing in hydrating and high-quality skin essentials will help your skin tide by the dryness and cold of the season. It will also keep unwanted wrinkles and fine lines at bay.