5 Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Looking for tips to make your makeup last longer? We all have that one day wherein everything looks perfect: from mascara, blush, and brows. And when it happens, we instantly grab our phones to take a barrage of selfies – striking pose after pose, trying to catch the right angle.

Unfortunately, our face products start to smudge even before our arms get tired of holding the camera. That’s the downside of makeup – sometimes, it won’t stay put. Frankly, it requires a bit of luck to make it last until your lunch break. It could be that you were washing your hands, only to see your lipstick has faded. Or your mascara has smudged a little on your lower lashes, making you look like a lost panda bear. And probably the worst one: seeing half your foundation smeared on your face mask. 

We’re here to save you, don’t worry. Here, we compiled the best tips from experts and gurus to make your makeup last all day long!

use a glycolic acid face wash

Do your skincare, first

The cardinal rule of makeup is to start with clean, healthy skin. Always cleanse, moisturise, and exfoliate before applying your makeup. It nourishes your skin and helps the products stick to your face. Plus, it removes uneven textures and excess oil that could ruin your hard work after. Trust us – it makes all the difference!

Use the right makeup brush (and make sure they are clean!)

Makeup brushes are the next best thing to invest in when it comes to your beauty. Not only will they help you blend seamlessly, but they will also keep your makeup intact longer. Brushes can also give your skin a smooth and even finish than applying products with your bare hands. They also prevent dirt, oil, and bacteria on your fingers from entering your pores. Just make sure you clean your makeup brushes every now and then! 

mineral makeup application

Blot away excess oil

If you have oily skin, you understand the nightmare of applying makeup underneath it. Excess oil ruins your products and makes your complexion look shiny. To counter this, always bring blotting sheets. They are excellent at absorbing oil, allowing your face to look matte and fresh. Pat a blotting sheet lightly on your skin, and remember not to drag and pull, or you will erase your whole makeup.

Always follow the correct order of doing makeup

Breaking news – you can’t freestyle your way into makeup. You have to work layer by layer and follow a certain order. Prep your face first by doing your skincare and applying a primer to fill in your pores. Then, work on your eyes and brows, so you can even out any imperfections when you do your base. Next will be your foundation, concealer, contour, blush, bronzer, and highlighter. The last step will be your lips, and you’re all done!

Types of face setting powders

Finish off with a setting/loose powder

We owe it to our lovely drag queens for introducing us to the wonders of setting powder. Now our faces look matte, and our makeup stays all day long! These powders set your foundation and keep liquid products from rubbing off. They also reduce the stickiness and shine in your foundation. Pro tip: you can use your setting powder to touch up and re-mattify your makeup every few hours!