5 Steps To Gorgeous, Healthy Hair

Want to sport healthy hair, every hour of the day or night? Read on for easy-to-follow tips that will get you gorgeous hair, all year round. What’s more, you’ll begin to notice a cleaner scalp, leading to an overall boost in your hair health!

Keep away from hot showers

We know a hot shower is what you crave at the end of a long day! Relaxation aside, the hot water in your shower is not helping your hair. In fact, taking a steamy shower on a daily basis can irritate the scalp and weaken the hair as it grows out. But it’s not all bad news. Warm or neutral temperatures are okay. You can always follow up with a cold-water rinse at the end to boost shine and seal cuticles for that healthy look.

Pay attention to your scalp for healthy hair

2020 was the year of the scalp! Lockdown TLC at home included some of the most versatile ways of taking care of the scalp and hair. Increasingly, many people began to understand the importance of the scalp for overall hair health. Struggling with itching or dryness? It’s probably down to the way you clarify and cleanse your scalp. Look for products that specifically help with cleaning your scalp and promote hair growth. If you have excessive dandruff, you can also start using a scalp scrub to get rid of the flakes that clog your scalp pores.

Read ingredients

Now that you are reading labels to find products for your scalp, also take a closer look at the ingredients in your shampoo. Most shampoos, conditioners and hair products include a list of ingredients for your review. Take a closer look at toxic add-ons like alcohol, sulfates and parabens. If you need strengthening components, look for ingredients that are known to add power to your hair such as coconut and argan oil.

Cleansing it right is the way to healthy hair

Buying the right products is only half the journey there! Making note of how to wash your hair, can make a huge difference to the way your hair looks or feels. To start, take a minute to comb through your hair before a shower. When your hair is wet, it is more likely to break, which is why detangling any knots before makes it easier to wash. Apply only a coin-sized amount of shampoo on your hands – yes hands! Always lather up your shampoo in your hands before applying to your scalp. This will not only help to extend a bottle of shampoo longer than usual but also gives you enough product to massage into your scalp. Remember, conditioners should only ever be applied to the ends of your hair. Leave on for an extra minute or two for intense hydration.

DIY Hair Masking to healthy hair

The best part about treating your hair to a spa day at home? You’ve got all the ingredients in your kitchen! The humble avocado is a healthy, natural fat that includes over 20 different vitamins and minerals that are fab for your hair. Think Folate for repairing damaged cells, Vitamin C and E for hair growth and potassium for eliminating dryness. Avocados also add shine and moisture to your hair while protecting them from heat and environmental stress. How do you make an avo hair mask? Simply mix up an avo avocado, egg, 1 tablespoon of honey and some coconut oil and apply for 30-60 minutes. Don’t have time to make your own? Just buy one of the hair masks on Cosmetics Now and say hello to healthy hair.