5 Hair Loss Myths That Men Should Stop Believing!

Hair loss myths are everywhere. Whether it’s your Mom applying homemade hair packs or you blaming your masculinity and elevated testosterone for that balding patch, the truth is, when hair fall happens, it happens! And while it may be down to a few factors such as genetics and external aggressors, some misguided hair loss myths may be keeping you from actually fixing your hair loss. Read on for 5 myths on hair loss in men, that you absolutely should stop believing in!

Myth 1 Hair Loss Only Happens In Old Age

If you think that hair loss and hair fall only affect those in their 50’s, here’s a bummer! Studies show that you can suffer from hair loss at any time and this is largely dependent on your genetics. Some men even start shedding hair as early as their teens! What can you do about it? Just keep a close eye on any changes in hair patterns or substantial hair loss and speak to your doctor accordingly.

Myth 2 – Regular Shampooing is Making You Lose Hair

This may seem logical, as scrubbing your hair often, maybe leading to hair loss, but it is not true. In fact, a clean and nourished scalp is what leads to better hair, and lesser hair fall! A few hair strands lost per wash as absolutely normal, but if you are particularly concerned, try investing in sulphate and paraben-free “healthier” hair care.

Myth 3 – I’ve Got Too Much Testosterone

All those bald guys in Hollywood may make you feel that elevated testosterone levels are making you lose all your hair! Unfortunately, an active sex life and masculinity has nothing to with your hair loss! Some even suggest that men who go bald have the same testosterone levels as those that don’t. It all boils down to your genetics – the more sensitive your hair follicles are and if your father lost his hair, chances are, so will you!

Hair Loss in Men and Supplements

Myth 4 – Supplements for Hair Are A Marketing Gimmick

Just like the rest of your body, vitamins help to compliment your diet and provide essential nutrients for your skin, body and hair. It may seem like a marketing gimmick but the right minerals and vitamins in your diet, natural or via supplements can make a whole lot of difference to how your hair looks and feels. Hair loss supplements typically contain vitamins such as Biotin, Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Vitamin C, and minerals like Zinc and Iron, that provide nourishment and promote healthier hair. Eating enough of these key hair-friendly vitamins can help prevent hair loss, and if you can’t find enough in your food, you can always turn to supplements. Word of advice, do your research and get in the habit of reading supplements labels.

Myth 5 – Stress is The Main Cause of Your Hair Loss

So, there is some truth that stress can have an all-encompassing effect on your skin and hair, but to experience substantial loss of hair, you’d have to face a major illness or stressful incident. Traumatic events, anxiety and emotional duress can contribute to temporary hair loss, but they usually don’t affect male pattern baldness. The good news is, any hair loss you suffer due to stress is typically treatable and temporary!