4 Habits Every Oily-Haired Girl Should Swear By

If there is one hair concern out there that we reckon is the most annoying it would have to be oily hair. There’s never going to be a shortage of branded shampoo products out there from the likes of Kerastase, Redken and American Crew to combat this issue, but it’s always going to be an ongoing battle. So, what’s a person with oily hair to do?

You’re in luck because in this blog we’re going to share with you four habits you can take up to take care of this issue once and for all. But first all let’s look at what actually causes oily hair in the first place.

What Causes Oily Hair?

Greasy and oily hair is usually the result of a buildup of excess sebum which, if you didn’t already know, is a naturally produced oil from our body. Usually, our body is able to tell us how much oil is required to keep our skin looking its best. However, it sometimes overproduces this oil leaving our hair with that oily look and feel.

There are occasions where this can be caused by other factors such as an imbalance of hormones or your daily beauty routine. Also, how often during the week you wash your hair, the products you use when washing it, and how you style your hair can result in oily hair too.

Use Conditioner in Your Hair

Contrary to popular belief, using conditioner in your hair is actually good for it as it hydrates, nourishes, and protects your locks. This is something that shampoo can’t do alone, so pairing it with a high-quality conditioner is important.

Always remember, though, it’s more important to find the one that suits your needs. It certainly isn’t a one type fits all scenario here.

Another handy tip is to apply a small amount of conditioner at the end of your hair rather than the scalp. In fact, we would recommend avoiding the scalp entirely. Don’t forget to rinse your thoroughly too as any shampoo or conditioner may remain and contribute to your oily hair.

Less is More

Washing your hair less will result in less oily hair. Fact. We know it’s hard to believe, but it’s absolutely the truth.

In fact, washing it too often may be the reason why your hair is so oily to begin with as the shampoo is actually removing that natural oil we mentioned before – sebum. Naturally, your body needs to replace that lost oil so it starts producing more and therefore your hair becomes oily.

We’d recommend probably washing your hair a couple of times a week if you’re already washing it everyday. Trust us – your skin and hair will thank you for it.

It’s important to remember that whilst making this change will reduce how oily your hair is, it will take some time for it to change completely. 

Choose the Right Hair Care Products

For us, this is a big factor in reducing oily hair. There are a number of existing products that can help work miracles on your oily hair just as much as there are those that can make the issue much worse.

With that in mind, it’s really important that you choose products that will help and not hinder your oily hair. Our recommendation is to look for quality products from quality brands such as Kerastase that include volumising properties, which lift your hair and keep it away from your oily roots.

Avoid the Straightener

If you love straightening your hair, then you’re not going to love reading this next section. If you’re straightening and blowing out your hair, your strands will start to look even more oily which is what we don’t want. The reason for this is because your hair allows oil and grease to travel down your hair shaft which makes it look more evident.

Also, whenever we straighten our hair, it will always stay a little closer to our scalps and thus produce more oil.

Our advice is to go with the curly or wavy style which will add the necessary volume for your hair so it won’t become too oily.